Birthstone for January: Garnet

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Each month of the year is represented by a specific stone. People born in this month are said to have a special connection with this stone, their 'birthstone'.

For January this is garnet, a beautiful deep red stone that has been worn as a talisman throughout the ages for it's protective properties.

Garnet is said to be very effective at cleansing and re-energizing all chakras in the body.
It stimulates passion and creativity, brings order into chaos, harmonizes and regulates sexual energies, repels negativity and protects against depression.

But most of all, it's a sensual stone, full of fire and passion and it promotes strong and lasting relationships. It strengthens the commitment to someone or something.

Giving someone jewelry with garnet is like giving them strength, protection and a sign of your strong commitment, in friendship or love.

Our Garnet Jewelry

We love working with garnet. It's deep luscious color, the versatility in available shapes and sizes of the stones and the richness of especially the faceted beads.
Check out our best selling items below or click here for a complete view of all our garnet items

Petit Pastille bracelet

Gold filled or sterling silver with a faceted red garnet flat coin bead.

from €45,-

Sugared ring

Gold filled fine wire ring with faceted round garnet bead


Crystal Clear | necklace

Gold filled necklace with petite faceted garnet drop.



Chakras & blahblahs

chakra - heart & base

zodiac - aquarius
(jan 21 - feb 20)

chinese zodiac - rat

feng shui - yang

element - fire

planet - mars

Wear when...'re feeling vulnerable and in need of some extra protection. want to attract that perfect match. want to deepen the love with your love. want more success in your business or career.

The science stuff

Garnet is a group name for the silicate minerals almandine, andradite, grossular, mozambique, pyrope, spessartine and uvarovite.

color - deep red

  crystal structure - cubic

hardness - 7-7.5

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