Birthstone for February: Amethyst

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Each month of the year is represented by a specific stone. People born in this month are said to have a special connection with this stone, their 'geboortesteen'.

For February this is amethyst, one of the most versatile stones available. Ranging from a deep royal purple to a fresh pale lilac and everything in between, there's a shade for everyone.

cleansing  |  healing  |  protecting

It's one of the best cleansing stones around as it transmutes all negativity into light, making it an excellent protective stone.

Amethyst has a strong healing power and is a natural tranquilizer. It balances negative emotional states, like stress, fear and anger.

It clears all energy blockages, both physical and meta-physical, enabling the development of any clairvoyant abilities.

The steeples swam in Amethyst, the news like squirrels swam.

  - Emily Dickinson  

Give someone jewelry with amethyst and you give them balance, protection and positive light.

Our Amethyst Jewelry

We use amethyst in almost all our beaded designs. We're especially fond of the faceted translucent stones ourselves... Such richness!
Check out our best selling items below or view our full amethyst collection.

Petit Pastille | ketting

Gold filled or sterling silver chain with a faceted lavender amethyst flat coin bead.

from €55,-

Crystal Clear | ear hoop

Gold filled or sterling silver endless hoop with gorgeous cut lavender amethyst drop.

from €27,50


Tag & Bead | ketting

Personalized gifts are the best! This necklace has been a favorite for many years.


Chakras & blahblahs

chakra - crown & 3rd eye

zodiac - pisces
(21 feb - 20 mar)

chinese zodiac - dragon

feng shui - yang

element - air & water

planet - jupiter

Wear when... experience mental stress. want to feel more relaxed.'re suffering from headaches and migraines. want to enhance your spiritual awareness.

The science stuff

Amethyst can form long prismatic crystals with a 6-sided pyramid at the point.

color - from dark purple to lilac

  crystal structure - trigonal

hardness - 7

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