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CEAS's favorites

Cécile, or Ceas, is the store manager of BonBon Boutique. Her job is to 'do pretty much everything and keep pretty much everyone happy'. She's also known to talk faster than lightning and redecorate the entire store with a snap of her fingers. She's magic.


If we were to list all pieces of BonBon jewelry Ceas is wearing on a daily basis...well, it might be easier to list what she is not wearing. But we'll limit ourselves to Ceas's 3 favorite pieces: The Wave ring, the Myuki Streamer bracelet and the Curved Staple earring.


Apart from being an excellent colleague and store manager here at BonBon, Ceas has been busy influencing the world. She's constantly creating inspiring content for her personal Instagram and has built a large and loyal following in the past few years.

Ceas will leave us in 2020 to pursue her dream...what will it be?? Follow her and you will find out!

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