Our Rewards Program

Create an account with us and start saving with every euro you spend! You can choose to receive our newsletter when creating your account, but this is not obligatory.

To save

Every time you make a purchase online or in our store, you receive 1 point for every euro spent. When shopping online, make sure you're logged into your account when you make the purchase. When shopping in our store, you'll be asked by our staff if you have an account with us. Your details will be added to your receipt and your points will be added automatically. You can also review your in-store purchases in your online account.

For additional ways to save points, please click the REWARDS pop-up button in the lower left corner of your screen.

To spend online

When you're spending your points online, log into your account and click the rewards pop-up. Here you can claim your reward by clicking the REDEEM button and then COPY THE CODE! After clicking the redeem button, your points are adjusted automatically. To be very clear: clicking the redeem button will adjust your points, NOT using it at check-out. Be sure to copy and USE the code immediately! You can paste the code at check out in the 'gift card or discount code' box.

PLEASE NOTE: Clicking away from the pop-up without copying the code will result in loss of the code AND your points, it/they can not be retrieved again! We're very sorry for this inconvenience...at this moment we don't have a solution for it.

In case you do accidentally lose the code without having used it, please contact us and we'll do our best to solve it for you!

To spend in store

You can also spend your points in our store. Just let our staff know when you're ready to make your purchase and they will put your purchase on your account and apply the redemption on our register.

Spend your points on trees

It is now also possible to exchange your points to offset your carbon footprint. You can donate 200 points to plant 2 trees. Click here for more info.