Check check dubble check

We love case you do too, check our checklist below to see our progress and how we plan to move from polluting to low-waste and sustainable. Green=check! (We've only just started, many more points will be added)

  • Replace paper post it notes. We started using Magic-chart notes...not so fantastic as we hoped they would be. So we switched to 100% recycled post-it paper note books. By, you'd never guess, Post-it. We use 2 sizes, the traditional square one and a very handy tiny one we can stick on our plastic (iew) zip lock pouches we use to keep jewelry untangled and transportable between studio and store...can't wait to find a solution to these plastic thingies. We do re-use these though and recycle when they break.
  • Install ecofont for printing with reduced ink. Of course we try to print as little as  possible, but some things are just handier on paper (our production lists for example). Check ecofont here.
  • Switch banks. In progress
  • Unsubscribe to receiving paper catalogues by mail. in progress
  • Swapping tea bags for loose tea and strainers.
  • Swapping cleaning supplies for sustainable ones, e.g. organic cotton wipes that we wash, biodegradable cleaners etc. in progress So far we've swapped our scrubbing sponges for loofah, dish brush for a wooden one with natural brisles (plus a smaller hand one without a handle), disposable wipes for organic cotton washable our handsoap and dishsoap we get in recycled and refillable plastic bottles, from Marcel's green soap, oh my that shit smells like heaven, I could do dishes all day.
  • Swapping cotton rounds for reusable ones that we wash (we use these to clean earrings).
  • Replace our broken Nespresso machine with an all-in-1 espresso machine that doesn't need pods. One of our crew's favs. With the press of a button it grounds beans and makes your favorite coffee. We got the Krups EA8150. Great to be able to choose your own fairtrade/eco coffee and it comes out in a neat pressed package that we will be composting in the near future. And on a side note: since the milk foamer (or what's its name) is still working on the Nespresso we still use it instead of buying a new separate one. Takes up a bit too much space for just using the foamer part, bit it just feels very wasteful to not use it till it dies entirely.
  • Replace cushions in our jewelry boxes.
  • Remove any plastic from our own packaging, e.g. stickers, tape. In progress...just ordered stickers with our logo from So excited! They print on acid free, certified paper with soy inks. They specialize in tissue paper however...we might give that a go when we run out of our plain white stock.
  • Reduce packing materials.
  • Composting all kitchen scraps and coffee grounds.
  • Switch to fully recycled and plasticfree toilet paper. Yes! Done! We order our toilet paper online from Not only 100% recycled paper, plasticfree and superfun paper wrappers, but they donate 50% of their profits to build toilets in the developing world. 
  • Swapped plastic based Scotch tape for plant based and 100% biodegradable.