About us

BonBon Boutique is a jewelry brand from Amsterdam, founded in 2008 by Bonne van der Ree. A large part of our jewelry collection is handmade in our studio next to our store. 

Bonne has always choosen high quality materials like 14kt gold filled and sterling silver, mixed with natural stones or glass.


"Sustainability has been a big part of my personal life for many years. It only makes sense to be as sustainable as possible in business too. Working with gold filled materials ensures our jewelry has a long life span." -Bonne


BonBon Boutique has remained a small business over the years. It allows us to stay in close contact with our customers and with eachother.

We genuinely appreciate and see every euro you spend with us. You can be sure it sustains our small local business and it won't disappear anonymously in the diesel tank of some faceless CEO...

in our studio

For the past 5 years the capable hands of Lotte have been responsible for all the studio work.

She makes and packs your orders and she makes all jewelry stock for the store.

in our store

Our store is run by Marta and Bonne. They keep the store open 5 days a week.

Bonne is also responsible for everything behind the scenes. At the moment she is working on this new website, which will include not only all our new jewelry, but also all of our carefully curated gift items that we already sell in our store in Amsterdam.