Recycle Program

Yes! You can now join our recycle program! We are so excited!⁠

If you have some exhausted, broken, old, don't-like-it-anymore BonBons lying around, you can now exchange them for a 10% discount on a new piece!⁠


We've been thinking about lowering our environmental impact for a while, but with the current pandemic, it's clear to us we need to act now! We want to become a fully sustainable company and do everything we can to save the earth's resources. Recycling is an important first step to lower the impact of production of our jewelry.

Although a lot of our sturdier pieces (rings, earrings, hard bracelets) will last for many many years or even a life-time, most of our fine gold filled chains don't, unfortunately. ⁠

By creating a recycling program we can keep old jewelry out of the bin and back in the cycle of resources.


  • Bring your old BonBon Boutique jewelry⁠ to our store or send us pictures by email ( or whatsapp (06 4048 7263). ONLY BonBon Boutique jewelry!
  • If we accept, you receive a 10% discount for every piece you bring/send in (you can use one discount per new item)⁠.⁠
  • In store: the discount has to be used straight away, it can not be saved for a next visit.
  • Online: please let us know which new item you'd like, including color, size etc. and we'll create a personal discount code for you.
  • We either recycle all the materials or we re-use some of the parts for a special up-cycled collection.⁠

So just to be clear: you can bring in ANY old BonBon Boutique item, whether it's broken, filthy, incomplete (to a degree) or still wearable.⁠

See you soon!



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