Why do you plant trees?

It's time to fix what we broke! I think it's obvious to everyone who's not been living under a rock (kudos to you my friend, the most sustainable way of being by far!) that we broke mother earth.
And because at this time our business is not 100% sustainable, the least we can do is compensate.
Most of our materials come from the USA, by plane. Every little part is packed in plastic, sometimes by the dozens, but unfortunately loads are packed individually. We reuse as much of the packaging as possible and recycle all plastics we can't use. All paper is recycled, including the paper wrappings of tea bags....okay I see an opportunity for reducing more waste right there...

And I see many more! This year we'll be making as many improvements as possible as far as our waste production and sustainability goes. We'll be replacing tea bags with loose tea and strainers, obviously...We'll be stimulating the hell out of our suppliers to start using nonplastic packaging alternatives. We'll introduce a small new collection of recycled gold and limited vintage items towards the end of this year.
Wherever possible we'll reduce, reuse and recycle. And where we can't, we compensate by planting trees. At the moment we plant 2 trees for every package we receive by plane, that's an average of 6 trees a month.

Inspired? You can now help and reduce your own carbon footprint by donating your saved points! Read more about that here.

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If you want to know the nitty-gritty of moving towards low-waste and sustainability, you can check out our checklist here. From tiny little improvements like using loose teas instead of bags, to big steps like changing to the greenest bank available here in the Netherlands.


What does 'handmade' mean?

To be totally clear about what you spend your money on, let's be frank about this:

Most jewelry is made in our studio in Amsterdam. Some jewelry is bought from our suppliers ready-made and doesn't need any touching up or altering by us, like the Sparkle ring (not online yet) or the smooth Fine Stacker rings.

Part of the reason is the nature of the material, gold filled. It is extremely difficult to solder by hand and best left to laser soldering by machines. By offering you these ready-made items, you're assured of receiving the best quality possible for the items that need soldering.

Another reason is, that our jewelry studio and our team are not equipped to do soldering work. Since our main focus has always been on creating with gold filled materials, we've never had to. However since some years we do like to offer you the possibility of buying sterling silver options. We've chosen to also not solder these, but to use the same methods of assembly as we use for gold filled for the sake of unity in our collection.

That's why most of our items have 'handmade in Amsterdam' in the details on their product page, some items have 'hand finished' (with just some minor alteration or finishing done by us) and some have no mention of it at all, since there was no work done on these by us (they might have received some kisses though).

So in short, 'handmade' means a creation with gold filled or sterling silver, with beads, stones, charms etc. that is put together by hand in our studio in Amsterdam.

Curious about who's hands are making our BonBons? A 'meet our team' section will be added soon!


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