Delivery times

Nearly every item is handmade to order at our studio in Amsterdam. That means we will be putting a lot of love and attention in exactly this ring, bracelet etc. you ordered by one of our lovely studio people.

Since COVID we've been working less days and with a smaller team, so your order might take a few more days than you're used to with us.

At the moment all online orders are made and sent every Tuesday and Thursday, with next day delivery in your mailbox within the Netherlands. Orders that are in before 14.00 on those days will usually be sent the same day. Custom orders or pieces in 14kt gold might take longer, usually no more than a week.


Delivery will usually be on Wednesdays or Fridays. Or you can choose to PICK UP your order, usually ready for you within the hour (read more here).

The Netherlands

Delivery within the Netherlands will usually be on Wednesdays or Fridays.


Delivery times outside the Netherlands are usually between 1-3 weeks, but largely depend on the country of destination. Contact us for more specific info.