Gioia's all-time favorite: the Reach for the Stars necklace

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GIOIA's favorites

Gioia brings all the boys to the yard, cause her moves are better than yours...oh wait, that just has absolutely nothing to do with making jewelry at all. And that's what she does, 'makin the jewelry'. Like a rockstar.


Although cute and petite, Gioia is not necessarily the type for cute and petite jewelry. Among her favorites are the bold Double Trouble ring and the Name-It chain bracelet, both a bit chunkier than the usual BonBon piece (and a bit rude).

But her #1, the Reach for the Stars convertible necklace, balances that out smoothly, with it's very fine chain and tiny colored beads.


Gioia is not just good at working the fine stuff...she has a knack for finding unloved furniture and house decor items and turning it into lovable gems.

From vintage toys and crockery to play chests and wardrobes, has she got some goodies for you!

Go check her out on insta!

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