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nic's favorites

Nicolien, or Nic, has been part of our studio team for over 4 years. Having recently closed off her studio management role with us to focus on her own art, her job at BonBon Boutique is now to 'teach 'm the ropes and produce like a lean mean wire ring machine'. Her skills are out of this world!


Nic is rarely spotted without her 3 all-time favorites; her customized Shooting Blancs necklace layered with a Petit Pastille necklace and a Triplets earring dangling from her lobe.

Shooting Blancs necklace
Triplets earring
Petit Pastille necklace


Apart from being a sweet and inspiring colleague at our studio, Nic is first and foremost an artist in her own right. She has a real talent for creating the most intricate patterns and mesmerizing portraits.

Visit her cute store in Amsterdam or show her some love on insta.

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