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Every month we're highlighting one of our team members' favorite items.
We're kicking off with founder and owner of BonBon Boutique, Bonne and her all-time favorite: the Wrist Ribbon.


Bonne workingBonne, or BonBon's job is 'to make the things
and to bake the (vegan) cakes'.
All designs in our handmade collection tumbled out of her head and into the capable hands of our studio team.

The Wrist Ribbon was the very first item that Bonne crafted from gold filled wire, by hammering, shaping and filing. From here her love for gold filled only grew and grew.

"The Wrist Ribbon is not just my favorite because it was my first born, I also love the versatility of it. It's a timeless classic that can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion. It's never missing from my arm stack!"

wearing the wrist ribbon

What is great about the Wrist Ribbon?

  • It goes well with anything in your existing wardrobe/jewelry box
  • It comes in various thicknesses, in either gold filled, rose gold filled, sterling silver or 14kt gold
  • It has an easy hook and eye clasp
  • It adds a bit of edge to your outfit with it's hand hammered square wire

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